ALGAE-X Fuel Catalyst AFC-705® is a concentrated, industrial quality, full spectrum fuel additive and fuel tank cleaning agent for use with diesel, gasoline, biofuels, kerosene and HFO. AFC-705® will stabilize fuel, prevent sludge build-up, improve combustion, reduce harmful emissions and eliminate the need for expensive and toxic biocides.

AFC-705® provides superior fuel quality for engines and storage tanks, lowering operating costs, maintenance and downtime. AFC-705® accelerates tank cleaning and fuel restoration processes by cleaning heavily contaminated fuel systems and storage tanks. It dissolves tank sludge, stabilizes the fuel, restores Optimal Fuel Quality, and preserves the integrity of stored fuel up to 12 months.

AFC-705® cleans your tanks, and when added with each refueling, enhances combustion, eliminates carbon deposits, reduces harmful emissions, and lowers fuel consumption. AFC-705® is suitable for use with diesel, gasoline, biofuels, kerosene and HFO.