The FRS 660-60 UL (Single Tank Unit) Fuel Recirculating System UL 508A Listed and is a Green Clean Certified, packaged, pre-engineered, integrated system of controls, fuel-cleaning equipment, and accessories pre-plumbed and pre-wired. The system provides the user with the reliability of job engineered, system matching components, and factory assembled systems.

The FRS 660-60 UL a high volume skid style system suitable for pad mounting. The System consists of a RCI FP 1500 Fuel Purifier, a continuous duty motor and fuel pump, programmable pump controller, check and ball valves, leak and water detection, system alarm and shut off controls.

The FRS 660-60 UL utilizes RCI patented fuel purification technology, which contains no filters or moving parts. It removes a minimum of 99% of all free water, including emulsified water and up to 98% of the normal solid or particulate contaminants found in fuel, including sludge and algae to approximately 10 microns. The filters found on diesel engines provide the secondary and final fuel filtration to 2 – 5 microns.

All electrical components and connections are housed within NEMA4X panels. FRS Systems are designed for use with all Class II or III combustible fuels having a flash point of 100º F or higher. Multiple tank operations are available