The FRS 660-11-EL (Single Tank Unit) Entry Level Fuel Recirculating System is Green Clean Certified. It is designed to automatically circulate and clean fuel at 11 GPM for a single storage tanks on a preprogrammed schedule.

The FRS 660-11-EL utilizes RCI Technologies patented fuel purification technology, which contains no filters or moving parts. It is used as primary fuel purification and removes 99.9% of all free water, including emulsified water and up to 98% of the normal solid or particulate contaminates found in fuel, including sludge and algae to approximately 10 microns.

The control system is housed in a NEMA 4, key lockable enclosure. The system consists of an RCI Universal Fuel Purifier, a continuous duty motor and fuel pump. The system is PLC controlled, with a separate 24 hour, 7 day programmable time clock for control when system is in Auto mode. System has one General Alarm relay contact which is triggered by one of the following four alarms: pump failure, purifier high water level, system high pressure and fuel catch basin leak.

FRS Systems are designed for use with all Class II or III combustible fuels having a flash point of 100ยบ F or higher. Multiple tank operations are available.